Why Start a Blog?

Why should I start a blog? Starting a blog has intimidated me for awhile. I have a unique perspective and I should share it.

I was reading my daughter some alphabet books and kept thinking man we have read so many alphabet books. She already knows her ABCs- why do we keep checking them out? We like them though- we like MOST of them. What if one of those authors decided there were too many alphabet books on the shelf and that it’s already been done before? We would miss out on some great reads. Each of these alphabet books teaches in different ways, they resonate with people differently and they are entertaining.

I decided to liken my life to an alphabet book. I requested as many alphabet books from the library as possible. I dragged my family out one evening to help haul and arrange all of these books for this photograph. I felt like I checked out ALL of the alphabet books from the library but I hadn’t– there are still tons more.

Here is my voice, here is my blog and I love it. Do you have a blog?

Alphabet Books, Why Start a blog

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