Maternity: Jacksonville Maternity Photographer

These maternity photos were taken around Dunbar Lake in Lubbock, Texas. A little girl will be joining their family. They bought these adorable little boots for this Texas baby. They are going to make such wonderful parents.

I loved how the mother dressed for these photos. Her maxi dress was nicely accessorized with the braided belt, cardigan, pearls and gold shoes. I also liked the layering by dad here in the pictures and button-up with a sweater on top.

This couple was such a joy to photograph. They were so excited to expand their little family. I just loved watching how he doted on her. He helped her sit down and walk around to the different areas we took pictures in. He made sure she was safe and comfortable during the whole process. She is definitely treated like the queen that she is in her household. My favorite pictures from this session are shown last- they are laughing through this romantic tall field of hay. 

Maternity Session, Dunbar Lake,

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