Celebrate Me with Barre/ Jacksonville Lifestyle Photographer

This series is called “Celebrate Me.” This instructor is a wife, mom, cook, runner, active in her faith and a million other things. This series isn’t meant to capture everything about a person but a few aspects of their lives that make them who they are. I know I’m always worried about making sure I have my kids photographed and then also trying to make sure I’m in photographs with them. This is important but I think it’s also important to capture who YOU are. Not just a glamour shoot (those are fun too) but what activities do you enjoy doing that make you- YOU. How would you “Celebrate Me?”

Have you heard of¬†Barre? I hadn’t until this past year. It’s working out and strengthening your body with a ballet barre with elements of yoga and pilates. It is a GREAT workout. I was able to photograph an instructor teaching Barre and I can’t believe how much I enjoyed the session.

You know when you take a work out class and the instructor smiles? Then they ask you to smile and yell and give it your all. Then I do those things and think smiling was kinda hard for me WHILE working out. Ok, all smiles captured are genuine– these photographs were taken during an actual class. This girl was a positive upbeat instructor that gave an awesome workout. Plus she didn’t seem phased at all that I was taking pictures of her— and taking pictures of her working out— and standing really close. Um, I don’t think I would want anyone that close to me while working out. ¬†Anyways, I’m just saying she’s a rockstar. There were a lot of students in the class but the photos were just of the instructor. 1--Barre 2--Barre

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