Arboretum Photo-session/ Jacksonville Family Photographer

This family photo-session took place in the Lubbock Memorial Arboretum. The flowers at this time of the year are just beautiful- plus they are fun to run around in. What a great looking family. I love the color choice of the family the mustard yellow, blues and grays photograph so well together. I also like the details of the watches on the boys, bracelet and necklace on the girl and scarf on the mom.

The timing of these photos worked out well the youngest had just had a birthday and the couple was celebrating an anniversary. I took a couple of photos of mom and dad. When we turned around the kids were climbing rocks and trees. While this age group is fantastic to photograph because the kids do what is asked they want to have fun. I got more genuine smiles when I allowed some of the boys to pick where they were being photographed. As long as the lighting was good, I was able to roll with it.

I was especially impressed at how the kids took care of each other and especially the youngest one. I have too many favorites in this bunch but the brother photo is one of my favorites. I also could have photographed the beautiful girl all day in the flowers. Watermark-C-1 Watermark-C-2 Watermark-C-3

To see more of this darling family click on.

Watermark-C-4 Watermark-C-5 Watermark-C-6 Watermark-C-7 Watermark-C-8 Watermark-C-9 Watermark-C-10 Watermark-C-11 Watermark-C-12 Watermark-C-13 Watermark-C-14 Watermark-C-15 Watermark-C-16 Watermark-C-17 Watermark-C-19 Watermark-C-20 Watermark-C-21


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    Cynthia March 2, 2015

    Thanks Meg! We have loved these pictures hanging on our walls. You were so great to work with and we were so happy with how they all turned out. Let us know if you’re ever back in Lubbock, we would love to have you take our pictures again!

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      meg March 5, 2015

      It was my pleasure. I’m so glad you have them printed and on the wall.

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