Birth Story/ Jacksonville Birth Photographer

This birth story was the most incredible thing I have ever photographed. I was truly honored to have been allowed to be present through such a personal and sacred experience. I loved witnessing the teamwork between this husband and wife to bring this little guy into the world. Would you allow a photographer in the room with you while your child was being born? While I was chatting with dad before hand I thanked him for allowing me in the room. He told me that it took the pressure off of him. He didn’t have to be responsible for getting photos and he could just be present in the moment. I quickly looked around and I didn’t see a camera he just had his phone. He took a few photos so that they could be texted to family right away but mostly he was just focused on his beautiful wife and baby. I had never thought how a birth photographer could relieve family members from their duties. I thought it was a great point and was so happy to be of service to this family.

Since I knew quite a bit of ahead of time I was photographing a birth. I was able to read lots of tutorials on Clickin Moms about birth photography and view many birth photographer’s blogs. Thank you for this opportunity to photograph your little man. Watermark-Birth-1

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