Family in Poppies/ Jacksonville Family Photographer

This family complemented the beautiful poppy and larkspur fields. These were taken at the Lubbock Arboretum. Doesn’t mom look fabulous? She is just a month postpartum. The darling baby is wearing a homemade headband. MomĀ is also the successful owner of this photography business. It was a privilege to photograph a photographer’s family. The little boy was so fun. He did such a great job following directions but as common with his age group a mover. So, I had him run, jump, show me muscles to keep him engaged. They were so kind, gracious and wonderful to spend an evening with. Watermark-Poppies-1 Watermark-Poppies-2

To see more of this beautiful family continue after the jump.

Watermark-Poppies-3 Watermark-Poppies-4 Watermark-Poppies-5 Watermark-Poppies-6 Watermark-Poppies-7 Watermark-Poppies-8 Watermark-Poppies-9 Watermark-Poppies-10

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