Holly Hop Ice Cream Shoppe/ Jacksonville Lifestyle Photographer

These lifestyle photos were taken at the Holly Hop Ice Cream Shoppe. I asked permission ahead of time and the shop owner was gracious enough to allow photos to be taken inside. It’s always wonderful to get portraits taken but lifestyle photography is so awesome because it’s about your family having fun together and doing what you normally do. Who doesn’t like to eat ice cream? It’s even better when it’s in a fun 50s themed ice cream parlor.

This mother owns the cute etsy shop Mae & Jane. I was delighted when I whispered lifestyle session to her she jumped at the chance. She also dressed her eldest daughter to fit the 50s vibe. The black gingham top, wrap headband and a sock bun. I was quite giddy when I saw the sock bun and I think more little girls should wear sock buns in their hair. While we waited for orders to be filled they listened to the jukebox and danced. I loved the images of the daddy daughter dance that I had to take my own family to Holly Hop the next week. The magic of childhood is seen here. The eldest got to pick her own flavor of ice cream. She danced, had lunch and then it was the big reveal of the ice cream. She was so excited. I also applaud the parents for letting her just be. She revealed her age while eating her ice cream cone. They also stay little and messy for so long. I-Watermark-2 I-Watermark-3 I-Watermark-4

To see more of this fun family and to decide if a lifestyle photo-session is right for you click on.

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