Lubbock Arboretum /Jacksonville Family Photographer

These family photos were taken at the Lubbock Arboretum just like this family session. Do you recognize the youngest girl? I was able to do her cake smash/ first birthday session a few months ago. It’s so fun to see how much kids change and learn in a few months. She’s standing now! If you recall her mom made many of the items for the cake smash session. I shouldn’t have been surprised when she casually told me she made the girls headbands and their necklaces! She told me that she couldn’t find necklaces the color she was looking for so she had some beads lying around the house and made her girls the necklaces. They are so cute and add such a wonderful little detail. I think Mom did a great job making sure that the girls coordinated but didn’t match.

Watermark-B-1 Watermark-B-2 Watermark-B-3 Watermark-B-4

To see more of this incredibly good looking family continue after the jump.

Talk about being prepared! The parents had their stroller, lots of (non-messy) snacks, patience and changes of clothes (thankfully we didn’t have to use) just in case.

Watermark-B-5 Watermark-B-6 Watermark-B-7 Watermark-B-8 Watermark-B-9 Watermark-B-10 Watermark-B-11 Watermark-B-12 Watermark-B-13 Watermark-B-14 Watermark-B-15 Watermark-B-16 Watermark-B-17 Watermark-B-18 Watermark-B-19

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