At Home/ Jacksonville Lifestyle Photographer

This at home lifestyle photography session is one of my favorites because I really felt like I got to know who I was photographing. I got to see this little boy in action. I got to see how busy he is and what he likes to do. How many pictures do you have of your kids? A million plus right? How many pictures do you have of yourself playing with your kids? Probably not as many. It’s important to make an effort to be in front of the camera. You were there too! Not only were you there but you are a big reason why there is a smile on your kid’s face. This pretty mama is actually a wedding photographer who recently moved to North Carolina. If you want to be blown away by some stunning wedding images check out Marcie Meredith.

I can’t believe how many activities this kid did in a short amount of time. They played with cars, read superhero books, worked on a puzzle finished the session drinking some Naked Juice. What a fun age this little man is at right now.

Lifestyle at home

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