Valentine Gift Idea For Mom Friends

My kids were invited to a valentine’s day party. The cute mom who was throwing the party told us to bring valentines for the kids to exchange AND to have the mom’s exchange valentine’s. I was so excited. Think of my favorite things at Christmas but for Valentine’s day with a fun saying to go along with the valentine.

I immediately thought of flowers. I only had to get four other women a gift so this wasn’t expensive to do. Plus, my kids valentine’s were practically free so I figured I could spend some money. I ended up getting these gorgeous tulips from Publix. They were seven dollars for ten and I got twenty. Each mom got five tulips. It was a perfect amount to fill these glass jars. Here is a confession: I save glass jars (some plastic ones too) just in case. Luckily I had enough glass jars leftover from Costco‘s strawberry and mango passion fruit spreads. They were the perfect size for “vases”. I had the pink ribbon, tulip scrapbook paper and pink paper. All I had to do was assemble. I ended up tying twine around the vase and attaching the pink slogan to the top of the vase. All of the other ladies loved getting the tulips. We actually got a great variety of gifts. The other gifts given were nail polish, homemade knitted washcloths, earrings and heart shaped chocolates. These would also make great teacher gifts. You never know when you could use an extra glass jar. If you follow me on instagram you will see a few more pictures from the decor of the party.

Tulips-1 Tulips-2 Tulips-3

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