5 Easy Photosession Ideas for Easter

Here is part one of 5 easy photo-session ideas for Easter. So, I like to take pictures of my kids for the holidays (really anytime) and sometimes I make a stylized photo-session. I definitely don’t do five photo-sessions for every holiday. The inspiration for doing this stylized photo-sessions in a short period of time is these adorable bow ties and suspenders. All bow ties and suspenders are courtesy of Mae & Jane. There were six bow ties and three suspenders to photograph. Since the model was the same, I wanted to give as many different looks to the accessories as possible. Even though just the accessories changed, it is like a whole outfit change for a toddler. Plus, I knew he wouldn’t stay in one spot for the length of time to photograph everything. Some of these were photographed on different days depending on the weather (and interest level of toddler).

A few things I think of for Easter photo-sessions are real bunnies, flowers, happy colors, spring, greenery and Easter eggs. I knew I would be taking a lot of the photographs by myself. I made a mental list of what I did not want in the photo-session. I did not want a lot of props, no real bunnies (didn’t want to look for one and I wouldn’t know what to do if it went to the bathroom during the session), and no flowers. I associate flowers more with girls rather than little boys. However, this little guy found wild flowers, picked them and handed them to me (how sweet). I thought maybe I should have had flowers in this photo-session. Let’s start with the sessions that required no hand made props.

Easter Photosession Ideas

Click on to see some Easter photo ideas.1) Barnes & Noble. I love Barnes & Noble we go their for date nights, story time, to play with the toys, and as an indulgence for Starbuck’s Vanilla Creme Frappuccino. We went in the evening when I knew there would not be a lot of children there. We headed to the children’s area to their Easter display of books. I brought with me a couple of stuffed animal rabbits we had in the house. The lady who worked in the children’s department said, “oh was it picture day at school today?” I replied, “no, it’s picture day right… now.” The children’s department at Barnes & Noble is in the back of the store. Since I don’t use a flash, I bumped my ISO up to 5000 and snapped away. After we were done with pictures, he ran over to the train station and was quite the happy camper.  Barnes Noble Easter Barnes-2 Barnes-3

2) Cotton Candy. These photographs were taken at the Jacksonville Arboretum. I think it is fun to incorporate food into a photo-session. Everyone relates to food. I found this blue cotton candy at Target and  stuck it on colored paper straws. The cotton candy added a magical element to the photos. Sadly my model didn’t like the cotton candy so it didn’t hold his attention for a long time. However, my little assistant was all to happy to pose for a few pictures while eating cotton candy. Her purple hair bow was from my friend McKenzie. I plan on doing this idea for bunny cotton tails with the left over cotton candy.

Cotton Candy Cotton Candy Cotton Candy Cotton-4

Stay tuned for more.


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