Jacksonville Beach Family Photography

This family session took place at the pier at Jacksonville Beach. This family was not only good looking but they are so full of energy. They were willing to run around, play and throw sand. If you want to plan a beach session you definitely have to plan on taking lifestyle pictures as well as portraits because you can’t help but play at the beach.

It was so fun to hear about what they saw and did at the beach. The boys learned how to boogie board. They became more confident in the waves each time they went in. They got to watch the fisherman fish and touch a baby shark that was caught! They also found a starfish and jellyfish. They even saw a waterspout off of Jacksonville Beach once. Of course their was lots of digging, sand castles and shells.

You wouldn’t be able to tell from the photos but we took them on a weekend night so the beach was quite crowded. We just positioned everyone in the little pockets where there were no people. Beach Photography

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    Aline Gaubert April 21, 2016

    This reminds me of our fun beach session with you, Meghan. I love the attention you have for detail as well as the overall big picture.

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