The Bike Lesson {Jacksonville Lifestyle Photographer}

We were out for a family bike lesson. My son had gotten a bike just a few months ago. It’s been quite the challenge for him. As he was getting frustrated and falling behind his sister, he was about to give up. She hoped off and ran back to help him. It’s moments like this that my heart melts and I know that they were meant to be there for each other. She very patiently helped him get his footing right and helped guide him until he was off again. I watched her pop off her bike later to stop and smell the flowers and take in the beautiful pending sunset. By watching my kids I remember to pause and be grateful for the little things like the beautiful flowers and be excited to accomplish learning a new skill.  Bike Photography

bike photography

I posted this image on my instagram account. bike photography

I think I want to try a panning image of my kids riding their bikes just like I did with this running session.

Bike Photography

My sons bike and both helmets were purchased through amazon. My daughters bike was purchased through Toys R Us. Tell me about a time when your kids have been especially kind to one another? Doens’t it just make you feel like you’ve got this parenting thing down?

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    Aline Gaubert April 21, 2016

    As a grandparent, it’s wonderful to watch your generation parent. Applause all around.

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