Mickler’s Beach/ Jacksonville Family Photographer

The sunset was heavenly at Mickler’s Beach. Watching the darkness set in it made me think about the light. The next day the sun would again over power the night. I was reading this article from The Shine Project. She said in day where darkness is rampant that we must be a light. We have a choice to be happy. I believe happiness and goodness is contagious and that we should share it to uplift others. Darkness dispels when there is light and in my little corner of the internet I want to share love, hope and goodness. I know there are so many good things out there and I know it begins with family.

We had a nice evening at Mickler’s beach. This was actually our first time to this beach (supposedly it’s a good one to find shark teeth at but we didn’t find any). My husband said he wants to visit ALL of the beaches in Florida. I don’t know if that will happen but we can certainly try. The sky started out overcast but then the clouds began to part and it revealed a beautiful blue sky. As the sun set there was a show of blues, pinks and purples. I loved watching how every image was a little different depending how far into the sunset we were. My daughter and I both love to swim. I loved being able to run along side of her to catch the waves and photograph her in her element. I was amazed at how strong the little waves can be. For every step I took to get closer to her, I was pushed two steps back. I love how invigorating it is to be in the ocean jumping the waves and I also appreciate the calming sound of the tides going in and out. I know the ocean and the beach are quite therapeutic and so grateful it’s close enough that I can partake of nature’s therapy.  Do you stay at the beach till sunset? Have you found a shark tooth at Mickler’s Beach?

Mickler Beach- Florida Beach Photography Mickler's Beach/ Jacksonville Beach Photography

Mickler Beach- Beach Photography

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