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This was a beautiful lifestyle newborn session. This handsome little guy was sleeping when I first came into the home. I peered into the crib and saw a little angel sleeping. While mom got him up, I was greeted by dad and their other son. I read Paw Patrol to the preschooler and he showed me his cars and trains. Then we started the family photos.

There were numerous photographs beautifully displayed in their home. In the master bedroom their oldest baby photos were on both nightstands.  It’s wonderful when photos are printed out to be enjoyed.

Prior to visiting their home, mom and I discussed words such as sweet, peaceful and natural as the type of desired images. A new baby does turn our world upside down but there is so much added joy a newborn brings. Lifestyle newborn photography showcases how perfectly the baby fits into the family. This little guy did just that. He snuck in a few little smiles for us that I loved.

All of my children have arrived after my due date so having a child come early is mind boggling to me. I need every last day to prepare for a new baby in the house.I have to applaud the parents. This little guy came early. They had already planned their oldest birthday party (and had it shortly AFTER the baby came home from the hospital). They had the name picked out early enough to have his name embroidered on the darling crib bumper.

There is some down time during newborn sessions while the baby needs to be fed. I enjoyed chatting with mom about her pregnancy and delivery.  I mostly noted how her world revolves around her children and all the fun things she did with her son prior to welcoming another baby into their home.

The beautiful navy lace dress mom wore added a nice texture to the photos. The baby was simply wrapped in a white blanket. This keeps the baby snug, the focus on the baby and a timeless feel to the images. Lifestyle Newborn Photography Continue after the jump to see more of this lifestyle newborn session.

Lifestyle Newborn Photography LIfestyle Newborn Photography Lifestyle Newborn Photography I know all these cute moments happen in real life. Watching the two boys interact was just the sweetest. Shortly after our session mom posted a photo of her oldest holding and feeding the baby by himself. It was such a sweet photo. These two will grow up the best of friends.  Lifestyle Newborn Photography Jacksonville Beach Lifestyle Newborn Photography Jacksonville BEach Newborn Photos Lifestyle Newborn Photography Lifestyle Newborn Photography Dad was amazing. Prior to the photo-session he and the oldest had been biking riding and did the home depot kids class. He played non-stop with the oldest so mom and I could take some photos of the baby in the nursery. I was able to meet another family member…Leroy. He has been in the family since the parents have been together! I was happy he got to be included in some photos.  Jacksonville NEwborn Photography Lifestyle Newborn Photography I was honored to photograph this family again.


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    Jaime B. March 28, 2017

    What a beautiful lifestyle newborn session, I love the colors of their home. The interaction between the family is so sweet, you can really see the love.

    • Reply
      meg March 29, 2017

      Thank you. Their home was beautiful and they were so kind to each other.

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    Ashley March 28, 2017

    Oh my, what a beautiful newborn session. I love the love this family shares!

    • Reply
      meg March 29, 2017

      Thank you for the kind comment. They were a very loving family.

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    Hiliary Stewart March 28, 2017

    Meg!! These are beautiful! I love the soft light!!

  4. Reply
    Kiki March 28, 2017

    Love these natural light and Lifestyle sessions ❤️

    • Reply
      meg March 29, 2017

      Thank You I love them too!

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