Jacksonville Child Photographer- Kingsley Plantation

This child session took place at the Kingsley Plantation in Jacksonville, Florida.  Her mother described her as “half-princess meets Tomboy.” She loves being outside.  I love hearing parent’s talk about their children. I just knew as mom talked about these photos and her daughter how much she adored her. She said, “Her smile tells you what she’s thinking. And if it’s a real smile – it’s the most beautiful and amazing smile ever.”  It’s my goal to get genuine smiles and laughs from anyone I photograph.

This session was sunny, bright and full of life just like this girl. Isn’t she beautiful? She looks like a porcelain doll. All these smiles were captured because of her mom. Kids smile the best for their own parents.

Another trick I learned from this family was to have multiple options for the child to change into. These were taken in the fall. The weather is not consistent. It can be warm or cold. Her mom was extremely prepared and had multiple dresses that would work depending if it was hot or cool. This evening was a little cooler so this gorgeous red velvet dress was chosen to wear. It worked out perfectly because these photos were used for Christmas cards. The multiple dresses also allowed the girl to make her own choice in what to wear.  I learn so many great tips from those I photograph.

Anytime water is involved I always give the option to get in the water. I loved her mischievous grin. She did wade in the water a little. We laughed, jumped, twirled and ran around, we had a great time. Get ready to see her amazing smile. She and her mother were such a delight to be around and I am honored to have photographed this little girl. Child Portrait Jacksonville Child Portrait Jacksonville Child Portrait Jacksonville

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  1. Reply
    Aline March 28, 2017

    Lovely smile. Such wisdom is revealed in these photos.

  2. Reply
    Ashley March 29, 2017

    What a sweet little thing! Love these shots you captured!

  3. Reply
    Heather Palmer March 29, 2017

    She is so adorable!! And you captured her so well!

  4. Reply
    Jaime March 29, 2017

    What a fun session, she is so adorable!!!

  5. Reply
    Brandy Baudoin d'Ajoux April 3, 2017

    Great pictures! And one of the hardest working photographers I have ever seen and used! She was willing to go and do anything for that perfect Shoot! Time after time!
    Thank you,
    Brandy and Bella Baudoin d’Ajoux

  6. Reply
    Karen April 3, 2017

    You really captured her essence and the wonderment of little hidden things so well! 💗

  7. Reply
    Melinda Modawell April 5, 2017

    OMG!! She is as pretty as her mother!! Love you Bella!

    • Reply
      meg May 15, 2017

      She is just as pretty as her mother. Both gorgeous.

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