Willy Wonka Candy Store Family Pictures

I felt like I was in the candy store of Willy Wonka during this photo-session. This family comes up with such a variety of photo locations. Last year they did pictures at their neighborhood playground.  This year they did them at Sweet Pete’s Candy Store. A family friend had gotten their photos done at Sweet Pete’s as well. So their photos were our inspiration.

We did some of the same spots as their friend and then found some of our own places. We had to ask an employee for help to find one of the spots. All of the employees are so kind at Sweet Pete’s. You’ve heard me rave about Sweet Pete’s before from the three different candy classes I’ve taken there.  We did this photo session on a Wednesday with the hope that we wouldn’t have any crowds. A tip an employee gave us was not to come during the first Wednesday of the month because of the crowds from the art walk. We were so lucky not to have a lot of people at the store the same time as us.

After we took photos, the parents had the kids fill up a container with candy to take home. They had so much fun picking out candy. Not only did this family get beautiful family photos they had a fun night together creating family memories.  In fact, it was so fun I took my kids to take photos the next day.
Willy WOnka Candy STore

Willy Wonka Family Photos

Indoor Family Photos JAcksonville FLorida

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The store truly does feel magical like your in Willy Wonka land. I love the hanging candy and ice cream from the ceiling. There is so much attention to detail given to the decorations. The store decorates for every holiday and season.  Sweet Pete's Jacksonville FLorida Candy Store Family Photos Candy Store Family Photos

This photo of the black and white dresser is a little deceiving because there were actually a lot of things on the wall. However with some time and Photoshop magic I was able to achieve the nice clean look I love.  WIlly Wonka Candy store Sweet Pete's Candy Store

Candy Store Family Photos Candy Store Family Photos Candys Store Family Photos  Would you ever consider taking photos in a candy store?

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