Jelly Belly Factory Tour Wisconsin

The Jelly Belly Factory is only 75-90 minutes from Chicago so it’s a perfect day trip. It is located in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin- right across the border from Illinois. I have never been to Wisconsin before so I wanted to check it off my state list and this factory fulfilled that.  We were in Chicago for a few days and while I was hunting for things to do I found this. I always thought my trip to Wisconsin would include a cheese factory tour but this was enjoyable.

Jelly Belly Factory

First, everyone is required to wear a hat. Then everyone hops in a colorful little train. The tour is free and lasts 25-30 minutes.  The train drives around the warehouse (rectangular in shape) and stops at different stations to watch a video of how to make jelly beans. So you don’t actually watch jelly beans being made. The videos were educational and brief enough that my kids were entertained to watch. As you are riding around in the train you can look at their equipment and see lots of art work made from Jelly Beans. A mosaic of Princess Diana out of Jelly Beans– saw that.

After the tour you are given some samples of Jelly Beans. We were there when they were handing out the Minion edition of trick jelly beans. I was shocked to learn that the top three flavors of jelly beans were cherry, buttered popcorn and black licorice. The staff was very friendly. You exit the tour through their gift shop. The kids loved looking at the various flavors and other candies offered aside from jelly beans. There is a even sample station (to prevent people from sneaking some from the bins). The kids went over and pointed to a few different flavors they wanted to try. They declined the Minion flavors like fish and stinky socks. It was a great little day trip from Chicago.  Jelly Belly Factory

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