Georgia U-pick farm

One of our family traditions is to do a U-pick farm every year. Last year was a unique because we picked asparagus for the first time. This year we went blueberry picking at Morning Belle Farms in Woodbine, Georgia. The blueberries were plump and delicious. The farm has a facebook page that is more up to date as far as the amount of berries and hours.

U-pick Blueberry Farm Georgia

First, we had to wash our hands when we got to the farm. We were asked to social distance- that was easy to do because the farm was big, we went early in the morning so there was plenty of room for everyone. The buckets were provided and we didn’t have to make a reservation online ahead of time we could just show up. The blueberries were $4.75 a pound. Between the six of us we picked 2.5 lbs in about 45 minutes or so. Obviously we could hire ourselves out as day laborers.

Upick Farm

There were plenty of berries for shorter people to pick. I was worried that the toddler would pick all of the berries. The big kids told him, “only pick the blue Blueberries don’t pick the red ones. Pick the ones that are all the way blue.” Guess what he did? He didn’t eat any until after we paid! He got the concept pretty fast and kept saying, “more, more” and wanted to keep picking.

Tips for a U-pick farm

1) Go early (We went on Saturday morning in May)

2) Wear sunscreen

3) Bring Hats & Sunglasses

4) Find out if you need to bring your own buckets and if the place accepts credit cards or cash (Morning Belle supplied baskets and accepted credit cards)

5) Bring Bug spray (we didn’t need any at Morning Belle)

6) Have fun ( I don’t have a goal of how much or how little we pick. We just pick until people are tired or too hot from picking).

Have you been to a U-pick farm? What fruits and vegetables have you picked? Where have you gone?

U-pick blueberry farm Blueberry picking

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