I-40 Road Stop Cadillac Ranch West Texas

Cadillac Ranch is a great spot to stretch your legs on a long road trip. This was the second time that we have been to Cadillac Ranch. The first time we went we were moving from Utah to College Station, Texas. My uncle in law who drives everywhere in the continental US like it’s nothing (Texas to Montana- sure why not) was the one who told me about it. The most recent time we went (July 2019) was because we moved from Missouri to Arizona. If you don’t know about it– you can miss it from the freeway even though it’s just off the freeway.

What to bring – Cadillac Ranch

People can bring their own spray cans and paint the cars. The first time we went in 2009 it was just Matt and I and we just stopped on walked around. This time we were with my in-laws because they were helping us move (so nice of them). My mother in law bought spray paint cans. The kids had fun painting the cars. There were a lot of people there and I’m sure with in a day or two our paint would be covered by someone else’s.

I saw a tour bus stop with a bunch of young people from a different country get out. They were on the great American Road tour so I was pleasantly surprised this little spot was also on their destination list. I saw them climb on the cars- and none of them fell over. No one seemed to get paint on their clothes from climbing on the cars either. As a side note there are no bathrooms here. This is private land but it is encouraged and welcome to walk up from the frontage road to the “ranch”. Because of the open land it’s also a great place to watch the sun set. West Texas has a little piece of my heart since we lived in Lubbock for a year.


Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch Armarillo Texas

Can you tell the Jenson’s were here? Pretty sure that will be covered with something new by the next day. This really was the perfect road trip stop.

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