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Willy Wonka Candy Store Family Pictures

I felt like I was in the candy store of Willy Wonka during this photo-session. This family comes up with such a variety of photo locations. Last year they did pictures at their neighborhood playground.  This year they did them at Sweet Pete’s Candy Store. A family friend had gotten their photos done at Sweet Pete’s as well. So their photos were our inspiration.

We did some of the same spots as their friend and then found some of our own places. We had to ask an employee for help to find one of the spots. All of the employees are so kind at Sweet Pete’s. You’ve heard me rave about Sweet Pete’s before from the three different candy classes I’ve taken there.  We did this photo session on a Wednesday with the hope that we wouldn’t have any crowds. A tip an employee gave us was not to come during the first Wednesday of the month because of the crowds from the art walk. We were so lucky not to have a lot of people at the store the same time as us.

After we took photos, the parents had the kids fill up a container with candy to take home. They had so much fun picking out candy. Not only did this family get beautiful family photos they had a fun night together creating family memories.  In fact, it was so fun I took my kids to take photos the next day.
Willy WOnka Candy STore

Willy Wonka Family Photos

Indoor Family Photos JAcksonville FLorida

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Family Pictures Atlantic Beach Florida

These family pictures were taken in Atlantic Beach, Florida. This cute mom’s family lives right near the beach (close enough that she could show me their homes right before we took pictures). She literally grew up going to this very beach. She always wanted family photos at the pier in Atlantic Beach. She talked about four different backgrounds at the beach that were special to her. She said the boardwalk/bridge were special because her cousin got married there previously. She said the sand dunes, the pier and of course the water. This has become one of my own personal go to spots for photos and to play at.

Could you be able to tell these photos were taken in the fall/winter in Florida? The weather here is fairly mild but there can be cool nights. There was a slight chill in the air and the water was quite cold. The girls opted not to be in the water for many photos.

I mentioned I wasn’t sure how I would get couple photographs because of the baby. The grandfather came to the photo-session just to hold the baby for a couple of minutes at the beginning.  This family also brought a little bouncer so the baby would have somewhere warm to sit while he waited his turn to be in pictures. He was bundled up. Yes, I know the families I photograph are prepared.

Another great thing about these family pictures is it was there first time getting family photos done!

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Caprock Winery: Family Session

This family session was photographed at the Caprock Winery and a nearby field. This little family of three will be a family of four in a few months. The mother is about five months pregnant when these photos were taken. The weather in Lubbock in November can be a little unpredictable. Some days are warm, others are cool and others are just plain cold. I would say this session was on the cooler side. This little girl was such a trooper to take photos despite the cooler weather. I loved her cute homemade bow and that she wanted to hold a rock for part of the session. I liked how their clothes complemented the blue building in the background and contrasted nicely with the tall wheat.


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