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Jack Russell Park/ Jacksonville Mommy & Me

Only the swing shot was taken at Jack Russell Park. The vast majority of the photographs were taken at Howell Park. The goal was to photograph the mother and daughter’s relationship. How I love to photograph relationships! I love photographing them through a mix of portraits, lifestyle and details. This little girl is a miracle baby and oh so precious. I’ve learned so many things this mother has done for her daughter. The extra miles she goes and the way she cherishes her. She’s the type of mom I meet that makes me want to be a better mom.

I told her ahead of time I was going to ask her (in front of her daughter) what she loved about her daughter. When I asked the questions she looked at her daughter and said, “I love how compassionate you are, I love how you love animals……” Then the sweet little brunette looked up at her mama and said, “what about the way that I love you?” She of course replied in the affirmative.

Somehow one of our email conversations lead to me learning their bedtime routine. We decided we would mimic a piece of this routine. These images will help her always remember what it feels like to hold her baby. Down the road when this little girl is all grown up, she will know her mom held her so close to her heart.

She said she still rocks her daughter to sleep every night. She said they sing Jesus Loves Me, You are My Sunshine, I Love You, and Amazing Grace every night before bed. In the park they sang Jesus Loves Me. It was beautiful to hear their sweet voices. They were lost in the moment while I photographed them. I love learning these personal details of people’s lives because it helps me bring them to life so these photos are treasured.

Jack Russell Park

I highly recommend Jack Russell Park it’s so fun. Continue after the jump to see the rest of this special session.

Celebrate Me with Barre/ Jacksonville Lifestyle Photographer

This series is called “Celebrate Me.” This instructor is a wife, mom, cook, runner, active in her faith and a million other things. This series isn’t meant to capture everything about a person but a few aspects of their lives that make them who they are. I know I’m always worried about making sure I have my kids photographed and then also trying to make sure I’m in photographs with them. This is important but I think it’s also important to capture who YOU are. Not just a glamour shoot (those are fun too) but what activities do you enjoy doing that make you- YOU. How would you “Celebrate Me?”

Have you heard of Barre? I hadn’t until this past year. It’s working out and strengthening your body with a ballet barre with elements of yoga and pilates. It is a GREAT workout. I was able to photograph an instructor teaching Barre and I can’t believe how much I enjoyed the session.

You know when you take a work out class and the instructor smiles? Then they ask you to smile and yell and give it your all. Then I do those things and think smiling was kinda hard for me WHILE working out. Ok, all smiles captured are genuine– these photographs were taken during an actual class. This girl was a positive upbeat instructor that gave an awesome workout. Plus she didn’t seem phased at all that I was taking pictures of her— and taking pictures of her working out— and standing really close. Um, I don’t think I would want anyone that close to me while working out.  Anyways, I’m just saying she’s a rockstar. There were a lot of students in the class but the photos were just of the instructor. 1--Barre 2--Barre

Click to see more of this Barre Session.

Lifestyle Newborn

I was honored to be able to do this lifestyle newborn session. Being allowed into a home when a baby has just come is so special because the newborn is so vulnerable and pure. I love newborn photography and had posed newborn photos for my children. So, it was a great opportunity to study how to do a lifestyle approach to newborn photography.

I was so impressed how the older children interacted with their baby sister. They were so careful with her and were ready to be photographed. The father had just worked a night shift and was such a trooper to still be up. After the children had taken some photos with their brand new baby sister, the dad took them out for a prize for good behavior. Once the children left, we were able to get some photos of the baby solo and with her beautiful mother.

Remember her mother’s orchard maternity session? Blog--Olivia1



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