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Indoor Light Tutorial (with a pullback)

Let’s play a game and find the light wherever you are-this particular tutorial will be on indoor light. When you walk into a room or go on a walk notice where the light is coming from. I generally prefer to photograph my subject (person or thing) when they are facing the light source. The subject is then front lit or side lit. All that means is they are facing the light (front lit) or half of their face is facing the light and half is in the shadows.  There is a more in depth article about front and side lighting here on Digital Photo Secrets. When my kids are playing or doing a craft AND I want to photograph them I can generally encourage or position them so they are closer to a light source.

Even while at friend’s home for play dates, I’ll get up and position myself so I am between the light source and my kids. I do have to be careful so I’m not completely blocking all of the light (hello pregnant awkward self). There are two benefits to having the subject look toward the light. One you can get their eyes to “sparkle” without photoshop. Two– even if they are not looking at the camera– everything will have lovely coloring. Let’s take a look at some pull backs.

Indoor Light   Indoor Light

My goal in photographing people isn’t always to have them look at the camera. But if I do have them look at the camera they will be looking toward the light. You can actually see the window in the reflection of her eyes.  Indoor Light

The next location I chose was in front of an open door. Sometimes on a rainy or overcast day this is my best light in the house.  Here I’m not even trying to get his face but took a quick picture of those toddler hands playing. Indoor Light Indoor Light

Hope this helps and I would love to know what other photography questions you might have.