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Mermaid Maternity Portraits

I told mom she looked like a beautiful mermaid at the beach for these maternity photos. These maternity portraits were taken at Washington Oak Garden State Park.

Even though these were taken in the summer there were still beautiful flowers. Look at the height of the roses compared to the children. They are the tallest roses I’ve ever seen. The weather played with us all day. I started the session saying- there is a chance we are going to get rained out and we will have to reschedule. Luckily we didn’t have to reschedule, it did sprinkle on us the entire time. The benefit of the rain was that it kept the summer temperatures down. The rain got heavier as we moved to the beach. You can tell their was a storm rolling in at the end of the session. As I drove away it really started to pour. We were so happy to not reschedule because the baby came early. A baby girl came just a little over a week after these photos were taken!

Isn’t this mama to be beautiful? She looked like a gorgeous mermaid at the beach. I can’t wait to show everyone how cute the little girl is that was inside. She is going to be so loved by her two big brothers. The grandparents were along for the photo-session and helped entertain the boys while these portraits were taken. The boys did great though- there is so much room to explore at the state park. It was helpful to have an extra sets of hands to transition between the two locations.

While the gardens and beach are part of the same park it’s best to drive between the two locations. A complete photo-session could be done at either the gardens or the beach.

There is so much anticipation (excitement and worry) on the arrival of a new little one. Every birth is such a miracle and I feel privileged to take a small part in telling part of the families story.

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Jacksonville Maternity Photographer

These maternity photos were taken close to the Caprock Winery where these family photos were taken. Do you remember this girl? She did a solo session with me. I just love how her hot pink shirt contrasted so well with the blue barn. She is a stunner. So, I learned that she is a dancer and asked if she would do some jumps for me. I think she looks beautiful dancing with a round belly. She definitely has the pregnancy glow. I’m thrilled for her to be a mother. I know her child will be just as beautiful as she is.

Maternity-B-1 Maternity-B--2

To see more of this beautiful girl and see my favorite image of her dancing (the last of the dancing photos).

Maternity: Jacksonville Maternity Photographer

These maternity photos were taken around Dunbar Lake in Lubbock, Texas. A little girl will be joining their family. They bought these adorable little boots for this Texas baby. They are going to make such wonderful parents.

I loved how the mother dressed for these photos. Her maxi dress was nicely accessorized with the braided belt, cardigan, pearls and gold shoes. I also liked the layering by dad here in the pictures and button-up with a sweater on top.

This couple was such a joy to photograph. They were so excited to expand their little family. I just loved watching how he doted on her. He helped her sit down and walk around to the different areas we took pictures in. He made sure she was safe and comfortable during the whole process. She is definitely treated like the queen that she is in her household. My favorite pictures from this session are shown last- they are laughing through this romantic tall field of hay. 

Maternity Session, Dunbar Lake,

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