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Jacksonville At Home Lifestyle Newborn Photos

I always consider it an honor to take pictures in someone’s home. Your home is where you are most vulnerable but also where you experience the most joy. It’s just wonderful when I am trusted with such a task. This sweet little babe has quite the arrival story. She’s actually a few weeks old in these picture because she was born prematurely. She’s the third child in this family and so very loved. This beautiful mama is incredible. I learned what she underwent to ensure the safe arrival of this little angel.

I love photographing babies right where they belong snuggled up to their mom. It’s amazing that this little person just arrived a few weeks ago but fits in so naturally with the family. To always remember what it feels like to have a newborn lying on your chest, listening and feeling your heartbeat is one of life’s sweetest moments. Jacksonville Lifestyle Newborn Jacksonville Lifestyle Newborns To see more of this session continue after the jump.

Jacksonville Lifestyle Newborn Photography (Sneak Peak)

Here is a little sneak peak at a lifestyle newborn session. Mom already has her images but I have a few personal posts that I want to share first. Knowing that I have an adorable newborn to share I hope motivates me to share all the personal posts in the next few weeks. I feel like life keeps moving faster and faster and I just can’t keep up sometimes. Since I’m a behind with what I want to share I decided that I would share something rather than nothing. Counts for something right? Anyways, let’s talk about how darling this sweet little baby is. She is right where she belongs all snuggled up with mom. What I LOVE about lifestyle newborn photography is you can almost feel like your holding your sweet baby again. Those little ones change so fast in the first few weeks and months. I thought I wouldn’t have baby fever since I have a baby but I do because there is nothing like a newborn.

This has been my favorite post so far as what to wear for a newborn photography session. If you find an article that has some great suggestions on what to wear then please let me know. I have a pinterest board about what to wear for photo-sessions. I think the most important thing is to wear what makes you feel comfortable. Women’s bodies change so much during pregnancy and then immediately after labor. There are many sleepless nights, doctor’s visits and other things going on with a newborn. So, wear what makes you feel beautiful, where something a little loose and comfy. I like neutrals to keep the focus on the baby. The newborn phase is so beautiful though because you welcome a complete stranger into your lives so effortlessly and your heart just grows by adding a new member of the family. . Enjoy this sneak peak and in a few weeks I’ll share more. This babe is absolutely perfect.

Sneak Peak- Jacksonville LIfestyle Newborn

Lifestyle Newborn Session/ Jacksonville Florida

I think I’m in love with lifestyle newborn photography. Actually, I love anything to do with newborns. Both of my children had posed newborn photos done so venturing into the road of lifestyle newborns is such a fun change. You see the newborn in their home and the family interacting with the newborn. I love it. This amazing family was the one that permitted me to be at their baby’s birth. Doesn’t mom just look incredible? We chatted before hand about what the family should wear to the newborn session and if you follow me on pinterest you can see a what to wear in family pictures guide. I liked what I found on this photographer’s blog for newborns. Basically we wanted to keep the color palette neutral so as to keep the focus on the newborn. This little guy had clothes on for part of the session but he was also in his birthday suit for a good part of the session. I like things fresh and simple.

Watermark- Baby -16 Watermark-Baby-1

To see more of this precious newborn continue after the jump.