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Sisters/ Jacksonville Beach Senior Photographer

This sister portrait session was amazing. These photos were taken at Jacksonville Beach in late summer. We started planning a couple of months before hand and the attention to detail made me so happy. The girls had two outfits one casual and one with maxi skirts. I liked the maxi skirts because they flowed like the waves. We chose colors that complemented each of the girls eye/hair color and skin tones. We incorporated things that fit their interests: one LOVES Hairy Potter (check out all of her cool jewelry) and the other is really into music.

We made sure there was texture in their clothes (crochet top & vest, woven hat, lace shirt, jewelry). There was texture in their hair with the floral crowns and summer braids/curls. Speaking of the floral crowns we discussed them ahead of time and they wanted crowns with petite white/ivory flowers. They were so easy to put together and they added such a fun dynamic to the photos. Aside from the baby breaths, the rest of the materials for the floral crowns were bought at Hobby Lobby. I need to do a tutorial for the crowns (in fact I loved them so much I made some for my daughter and I to take some pictures in a few weeks later). The other fun detail was the purple ombre nails. I was inspired by these from Twist Me Pretty.

You can totally tell these girls are sisters by the way they connected and acted around each other. I can tell they have an excellent relationship. They were so easy going. At the end of the session, I even had them play in the water and get their clothes wet. Both of these girls are stunning and I enjoyed photographing them.  sisters-1 sisters-2

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