At Home Jacksonville Lifestyle Session

Home is where the heart is. Granny arranged for this extended family lifestyle session at their home. She told me she wanted lots of candid photographs. I did sneak in a couple of formal portraits because I wanted to see all nine people’s face’s in one frame. She wanted pictures of them playing because that’s “who we are.” She did such a great job to have a few different activities to do that the family would love. A photography session isn’t just about getting pictures, it’s about an experience and making memories that will strengthen familial bonds. Some of the family was from out of town (England actually). The oldest two grand kids were so helpful. The young man was so respectful and polite. He carried my step stool around the yard for me and helped me find the best light to take some of the group shots. This first photograph is of a game the youngest two grand kids are familiar with “Angel, Angel, Fly.” A comment on Facebook said, “looks like hurling small children into the sun.” Everyone loved it.


I was talking to one of the daughters about how she felt about taking pictures in their yard. She said it was lovely because if they needed anything they were at home and could run inside to get it. She also said that more importantly the photos have more meaning because they were taken at their home. They see the photos of the house and it’s not just a house it’s a home.


I loved watching the cousin love that was going on. The older two took care of the youngest too. They looked up to them- they wanted to be just like them and do everything they were doing.  This family also did a beach session on a separate date that will be coming to the blog shortly.


Would you get your photo taken in your home or yard?

At Home Jacksonville Jacksonville Photographer Jacksonville Photographer Click on to see more of this fun family after the jump.

Jacksonville Photographer

An nontraditional generation picture that I love.  Jacksonville Photographer Jacksonville Photographer

The girls were doing the wheelbarrow. It’s hard walking on your hands so they had to take a few breaks.

Jacksonville Photographer Jacksonville Photographer

Every mom needs lots of photos of her playing with her kids. She’s there from day one, the hard and the good. She’s there because she loves her babies. She’s there because she not only loves her children but because she likes them and likes spending time with them.  Jacksonville Photographer

I always enjoy learning about what people’s interest are. The young man likes to go shooting. The oldest granddaughter likes to play soccer. We were only able to photograph one of their interests. ;)  Jacksonville Photographer Jacksonville Photographer Jacksonville Photographer Jacksonville Photographer Jacksonville Photographer At Home Jacksonville At Home Jacksonville

Aren’t they just a beautiful family?


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    Aline Gaubert May 18, 2016

    Meg, we will remember this family evening together for a long time to come. You got everyone’s best shot – we gave you our best, somehow, and you made it even more fun by being there. Your photography is so natural and gifted.

  2. Reply
    Troy May 18, 2016

    Beautiful now xx

    • Reply
      meg May 23, 2016

      Thank you!

  3. Reply
    Aline Gaubert May 16, 2017

    Meg, after our third session with you, I’ve begun to appreciate what a professional photographer can do for artistic effects to the photos. The blurry backgrounds and the sharp forefronts, for example. I so appreciate your skill!

    • Reply
      meg May 17, 2017

      Aline- You are so nice to me and a I really appreciate it. Your latest session should be up next.

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