Hike King Creek Falls, South Carolina

Hike King Creek Falls

Hike King Creek Falls

We did a pleasant hike to King Creek Falls in South Carolina. We went in March and it was perfect. The weather was cool and we wore jacket’s. The best part of this time of year to hike is there are no mosquitoes. We want our kids to be comfortable in nature so we try to walk and hike with them regularly. Hiking and being outside is something we want to be part of our family culture. They love it. This was just a 1/2 mile hike (one way) but it had some climbing over branches and some muddy spots to make it a little thrilling. My parent’s went with us and I’m always grateful to have extra help with my kids on any adventure.

Hike King Creek Falls South Carolina My mom is good about bringing everything to be prepared for these little day adventures. She brought a lot of snacks and even though the car ride was only an hour we ate before the hike. Having well fed children (and adults for that matter) helps ensure a pleasant hiking experience.  The kids sat with my parents in the back of their pick up truck to eat. For some reason any change of scenery of where to eat makes it a little more exciting.
Other added bonuses to make hiking fun is when there are plenty of good hiking sticks to found along the way. Climbing on logs, tree roots and stumps, rocks and water always make for a good adventure. The water was cold enough that no one felt compelled to get wet. Even though it was a little muddy no ones shoes got totally saturated so everyone was able to do the whole walk by themselves.

Hike King Creek Falls South Carolina

Do you hike year round? What waterfalls do you like going to in South Carolina? hike King Creek falls South Carolina

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