Portraits: Grandfather

I love giving the gift of portraits to my family. I saw this article on fstoppers.com by photographer Tom Hussey. I immediately thought of my grandfather. My grandfather is 96 yrs old at the time of the photograph. I remember how strong my grandfather’s work ethic is and love for his “sweet heart”. This series reminds us who are loved ones really are despite their aging bodies.

My grandfather had recently broken his hip—his first time in his life he was not able to walk. We had a family reunion during the day and this photo was taken at night. This photo was going to hang up in his room but three weeks after the photo session it was printed and displayed at his funeral. It was a fabulous photo to be displayed for the family to see. I want to do this type of photo for some other family members. Do you have any other ways to honor your family through photographs?  Grandfather-9349


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