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Clickin Walk 2016 Savannah

I participated in my first Clickin Walk in Savannah. It’s basically a group of people who have an interest in photography that walk around and take pictures together. There were hobbyist and professionals. There were Canon and Nikon cameras and a whole different array of lenses. I use a Canon camera. I drove up to Savannah and thought I would be the furthest traveled. Not so, there were photographers from Gainesville and Atlanta. I felt like I was in good company then. People were willing to drive so far just to take photos. Tiffany Kelly led the walk. She is very kind and I enjoyed meeting her. I was very grateful that she took time out of her schedule to lead the walk. She is really into macro photography. I have never done that before so it was interesting to watch her photograph different flowers.

I was the only one that brought their children (and I had three)! I was a bit slow with my crew but overall I think we kept up and the kids enjoyed exploring Savannah. I generally don’t let the fact that I have children impede me from doing things. In fact, I think they make my trips richer. I took a fair amount of pictures of my kids in Savannah but mostly tried to just showcase the photos without them in it.

Last year the Clickin Walk was in St. Augustine and I didn’t go. I remember thinking how I wanted to participate but I wasn’t sure how walking around pregnant with two kids would work while trying to take photographs. When the dates for the Clickin Walk were announced this year– I knew I would have to take my children with me. Somehow I decided that driving 2+ hours to Savannah and hauling around three children was easier than just two children an hour away in St. Augustine. It kind of makes me laugh. Anyways, I am excited to see where the Clickin Walks will be next year so I can participate. I liked going because these photography walks help me slow down and look around to find interesting things to photograph. Plus, no two pictures will be the same. Everyone has a different vantage point. Savannah

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