Lifestyle Newborn Session/ Jacksonville Florida

I think I’m in love with lifestyle newborn photography. Actually, I love anything to do with newborns. Both of my children had posed newborn photos done so venturing into the road of lifestyle newborns is such a fun change. You see the newborn in their home and the family interacting with the newborn. I love it. This amazing family was the one that permitted me to be at their baby’s birth. Doesn’t mom just look incredible? We chatted before hand about what the family should wear to the newborn session and if you follow me on pinterest you can see a what to wear in family pictures guide. I liked what I found on this photographer’s blog for newborns. Basically we wanted to keep the color palette neutral so as to keep the focus on the newborn. This little guy had clothes on for part of the session but he was also in his birthday suit for a good part of the session. I like things fresh and simple.

Watermark- Baby -16 Watermark-Baby-1

To see more of this precious newborn continue after the jump.

Watermark-Baby-2 Watermark-Baby-3 Watermark-Baby-4 Watermark-Baby-5 Watermark-Baby-6 Watermark-Baby-7 Watermark-Baby-8 Watermark-Baby-9 Watermark-Baby-10 Watermark-Baby-11 Watermark-Baby-12 Watermark-Baby-13 Watermark-Baby-14 Watermark-Baby-15 Watermark-Baby-18

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