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Family Pictures Atlantic Beach Florida

These family pictures were taken in Atlantic Beach, Florida. This cute mom’s family lives right near the beach (close enough that she could show me their homes right before we took pictures). She literally grew up going to this very beach. She always wanted family photos at the pier in Atlantic Beach. She talked about four different backgrounds at the beach that were special to her. She said the boardwalk/bridge were special because her cousin got married there previously. She said the sand dunes, the pier and of course the water. This has become one of my own personal go to spots for photos and to play at.

Could you be able to tell these photos were taken in the fall/winter in Florida? The weather here is fairly mild but there can be cool nights. There was a slight chill in the air and the water was quite cold. The girls opted not to be in the water for many photos.

I mentioned I wasn’t sure how I would get couple photographs because of the baby. The grandfather came to the photo-session just to hold the baby for a couple of minutes at the beginning.  This family also brought a little bouncer so the baby would have somewhere warm to sit while he waited his turn to be in pictures. He was bundled up. Yes, I know the families I photograph are prepared.

Another great thing about these family pictures is it was there first time getting family photos done!

Atlantic Beach Atlantic Beach Continue after the jump to see more from the pier at Atlantic Beach.

Atlantic Beach Florida Family Photographer

This family session took place in Atlantic Beach. Atlantic Beach has been voted one of the top beaches in Florida. The longer I live here the more discerning of beaches I am becoming. The beach is soft, white and sandy. The homes are darling to look at.

There was a storm about to roll in. We finished just as the rain started to come down. This family is awesome and so busy. They’ve had to spend a lot of time apart. The thought all that I do, I do for you kept going through my head while editing this session. All the sacrifices that are made are done for this little handsome guy right here. He just turned one and starting to walking around. It’s such a fun age to see a huge accomplishment.

Both parent’s were enthusiastic during the photo-session. They were so engaged with their little man. The happy smiles and the laughter from all made the session so fun. Atlantic Beach Florida Atlantic Beach Florida Atlantic Beach Florida