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DIY Disney themed Escape Room Party

For the end of the school year, I put together an Escape Room Party for my kids. Since school is cancelled due to the Coronavirus, we made our own end of school party.  We decided to have gourmet sandwiches for dinner. The highlight for the kids was getting their pick of chips (Doritos Cooler Ranch, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, and Kettle Brand Pepperoncini) and Izze’s.

After dinner my daughter had a game for us. This included a series of stations that took us from room to room where we had tasks to complete. She designed it all by herself and we had a lot of fun. Then my husband took the kids into a room while I set up our escape room. I think my escape room was a hybrid of an escape room and scavenger hunt. My kids have never done an escape room before.

We love Disney and I knew I could quickly come up with a story if I used the broad Disney theme rather than one specific Disney movie. I’ve always loved the story from Fantasmic and how Mickey is in a nightmare and you see all of the Disney characters. I thought it was clever how they were able to involve the whole cast. Mickey’s nightmare was the basis for my story. My husband didn’t know any of the clues. I told him he would have to help the kids. Disney Themed Escape Room

Games for a Balloon Birthday Party

I wanted to share the games we did for my daughter’s Balloon Birthday Party. I love looking at Pinterest for inspiration of how to decorate for parties. I like coming up with a theme and colors for a party. It helps me organize my thoughts. I also really like the idea of having a decorated table for a party. I feel like if I have one nicely decorated table I don’t feel like my whole house needs to be covered in decorations. I have a Pinterest board for Balloon/ Hot Air Balloon Birthday Parties if you would like to see my inspiration. One thing I had a hard time finding on Pinterest was ideas for what to do with my little party animals at the party. Do they just run wild for hours? I can’t handle that, nope I need order, I needed a plan, I needed activities for these kids to do. I’m listing all of the games and activities I had on my list and there are even some that could be considered Pinterest fails (I’ll note them). I didn’t even have time to do all the activities (which was good- I wanted to be over prepared rather than run out of things to do). Games for Balloon Party By the way, I got the cute hot air balloon free printable from Classy Clutter. The photo of my daughter was taken by Butterfly Chaser Photography.

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