Celebrate Me with Running/ Jacksonville Lifestyle Photographer

Do you remember the celebrate me series? This series is supposed to highlight other aspects of your life that you might not normally photograph. I want to show what activities make you. These running photos are of the same girl who did Barre and who is the mother of these children. She blogs over at Marathon Momma.

It was a beautiful morning for a run and to take pictures. We took them in a few different locations in Ransom Canyon. It was a treat to see the Texas Longhorns in the background and at the very end of the session a dog started running in the photos as well.

We woke up before sunrise to get these photos done. I snapped a few portraits of her and then she started running. Actually the photos are not just of running, I wanted to tell a story. As a runner myself, I know there is a lot more to running than the actual run. There is stretching, meditation and preparation (eating and drinking) for runs especially long ones. After taking these photos and seeing her blogging partner’s instagram, I really want some running pictures of myself. I absolutely loved photographing her and want to photograph more people running and being active. Run-1 Run-2 Run-3 Run-4

To see more running photos continue after the jump. Run-5 Run-6 Run-7 Run-8 Run-9 Run-10 Run-11 Run-12 Run-13 Run-14 Run-15 Run-16 Run-17 Run-18 Run-19 Run-20 Run-21 Run-22


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