5 Easy Photosession Ideas for Easter (part two)

This is part two of 5 easy photosession ideas for Easter. Part one is here. Park one also explains a bit why I’m taking so many different photos of a little guy. I normally just do one set up per holiday and call it good.

Easter Photosession Ideas

The first two ideas were 1) Barnes and Noble and 2) Cotton Candy.

3) Easter Egg Hunt: I knew keeping a toddler in one place was not really an option for all of the photos. I chose a little green area that had nice light and placed some Easter eggs around. I noticed my little man was wearing navy suspenders and a bow tie so I deliberately chose to lay out some of the yellow Easter eggs. I loved the contrast between the yellow and navy in the photographs. After I laid out some of the eggs, I let him go around and pick them up. I liked the lifestyle feel to these photos. Hunting for eggs is definitely something I remember about Easter growing up. These photos did not require him to look at the camera. Egg hunt Egg hunt

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4) Easter Banners: I made two banner’s for these photo-sessions: a Easter Yarn Garland with the tutorial here and the second was a Burlap Bunny. I simply googled free silhouette for a bunny. The silhouette’s were printed out and used as a stencil on burlap. I glued the burlap bunnies on some Easter scrapbook paper for stability and strung them with twine. I liked the color, repetition and texture the banners brought to the background of the photos. I also thought the shape of the bunnies screamed Easter.

With the yarn garland I added decorations that I took from my mom’s house. There was an Easter carousel, Easter basket, fabric eggs and plastic eggs. Since there were so many things to look at the toddler was able to stay still for a few minutes.

easter banner Easter Banner

5) Jumbo Easter Eggs: These eggs were probably my favorite part of the decor for these photosessions. If I was photographing multiple children I could see them at the foot of a little table. The little table could be the set up of a little garden or tea party. I used them primarily with the burlap bunny banner. They were fun, easy to make and a great prop. I had my toddler transport the eggs to designated spots (kept him moving) and then I was able to photograph him. I will definitely use them again for years to come for props and decor.

Egg photos Egg photos
The suspenders and bow ties featured in these photos are c/o Mae & Jane. Of course the special Easter clothes help make the photos. Check out these siblings for some other ideas for Easter pictures.

Tell me what ideas do you have for photographing your children for Easter?

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