Target Lifestyle Session- Jacksonville

A lifestyle session at Target. I think I can relate to this post a lot. Going to the store with a couple of kids wandering around, playing in the toy aisle and of course finishing the trip with buying things I wasn’t planning to in the first place. Target does it again. I love the idea of capturing my every day activities that I do.

I learned a couple of new ways to ride the shopping cart. The way the eldest girl rode the cart at the end of the session totally caught me off guard. I looked at mom and she said yep that’s how she rides the cart. My kids would love to know all these other ways to ride the shopping cart. To see more of this session continue after the jump. Target Lifestyle

Aren’t these kids cute? The oldest has the most gorgeous curly hair and spunky personality. The youngest is just as sweet as can be. I love that she brought her doll. Their beautiful mamma is pregnant with her third baby girl. So lucky! I loved watching the mom play with the kids because I could just tell what a patient and loving mommma they had. She was earnestly listening to them talk. The kids I think had a great time because their job was to have fun…… no stress of somewhere to go and hurrying along to go shopping.  Target2 Target-3

She’s going to be such a great helper to her mom once her baby sister arrives. Target-4 Target-5 Target-6 Target-7 Target-8 Target-9 Target-10 Target-11 Target-12 Target-13 Target-14 Target-15 Target-16

I can’t wait to see her next little girl. Won’t that be just darling to have three daughters. I hope the girls are best of friends. Target-17 Target-18 Target-18b Target-19

Have you ever seen a kid ride around in a grocery cart like this? I haven’t. She’s definitely a creative one.  Target-20

A couple of unplanned Carter’s newborn clothes were picked up. Baby clothes are so cute it’s hard to resist. Target-21 Target-22 To see more lifestyle sessions click this one at home or this one at an icecream store.


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    Aline Gaubert April 21, 2016

    Yep, looks a lot like our Target outings. It’s never good to rush small grandchildren. Except to teach them that sometimes it’s just a necessity!

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